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Hollywood Entertainment Industry Lawyers

Creators, and their work, deserve protection. Whether you’re an independent filmmaker negotiating distribution rights, a TV composer dealing with union issues, a performer trying to protect your image, or a publisher looking to maximize your revenues, Lewis Kappes is here for you.

Our Los Angeles office offers a host of entertainment and corporate legal services, from simple copyright registrations to complex, high-stakes negotiations and litigation. Our full service law firm can assist with a wide variety of matters, from corporate formations to securing artist and entertainer visas. Whatever your needs, Lewis Kappes offers quality legal representation paired with excellent customer service.

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We can explain your rights and options, allowing you to safeguard your creations, assets and interests as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

  • Production transactions for film and television
  • Music publishing, recording, distribution and licensing
  • New media entertainment, Internet websites
  • Right of publicity and right of privacy for photography and design
  • Royalty collection and Union issues
  • Contract negotiation
  • Entertainment litigation
  • Business formation
  • Immigration Visas